News: Devil Incarnate – Richard Attenborough

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I couldn’t let this one pass.

According to Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, gentle, nature-loving Richard Attenborough receives regular hate-mail from faithful Christian creationists who threaten him with eternal damnation for supporting evolution.

This is religious faith gone mad. (See full article)

Alex McCullie

Comment: Public Displays Instead of Science for Creationists

A friend put me onto a Dutch creationist, Johan Huibers, who created a one-fifth size of the mythological Noah’s Ark (from the Hebrew Bible). Like the US creationist museum and glossy books by Islamic creationist, Harun Yahya, creationists love to use PR to convince and persuade rather than boring scientific research like evolutionists. Then they have the nerve to seek to be treated seriously as a genuine ‘scientific’ alternative to the theory of evolution. Still there’s enough gullible people in the world to keep these guys in business.

Alex McCullie

News: Banning Creation Criticism in Islamic Turkey

Richard Dawkin‘s site has been banned by a Turkish court after a complaint by Islamic creationist author, Adnan Oktar. (Article at Monsters and Critics blog Article at Richard Dawkins) According to the newspaper articles the complaint was about the defaming of his book, Atlas of Creation, by Dawkins.

Alex McCullie

News: Secularists sleep & well-funded creationists are on the march…

From New Humanist, Volume 123 Issue 3 May/June 2008 :

“While secularists sleep well-funded creationists are on the march in Europe says Peter C Kjærgaard
On 4 October 2007 the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly passed Resolution 1580, which issued a stark warning: creationism, the denial of Darwinian evolution, is on the rise in Europe. The resolution focused on the way that creationists across the continent, using the model pioneered in America, have been targeting education …” (more)