News: Homosexuality is Wrong : Christian Blog

Here’s a link to a Christian blog that represents a commonly held view amongst evangelists that homosexuality is inherently evil. This article uses Christian bible quotations to refute an earlier Newsweek article that says Christians can rightfully believe that it’s okay to be gay. Well perhaps it’s not!

I think some religious people need to deal with their own sexual hangups rather than demonising others.

Alex McCullie

News: Vatican Psych Testing to Purge Gays

The Guardian reports that the Vatican intends to introduce psychological testing to screen out potential child-abusers and gays for their future priestly ranks. Why gays?

The Vatican identifies homosexuality as a deep-seated personality disorder and psychological flaw; condemning same-sex acts as “grave sins”, “objectively disordered”, “intrinsically immoral” and “contrary to natural law”. Even men who have a gay orientation but abstain totally from sex are condemned by the Pope as possessing a “tendency towards an intrinsic moral evil”. (from Guardian article)

And why not? It seems like an epidemic in the church. The articles goes on:

Estimates of the number of gay men in Catholic seminaries and the priesthood typically range from 25% to 50%, according to a review of research in the US by the Rev Donald Cozzens, author of The Changing Face of the Priesthood: A Reflection on the Priest’s Crisis of Soul. A similar proportion of priests is thought to be gay in the UK and Europe, including a number of bishops and cardinals.

Is there something iconic about a semi-naked man nailed to a wooden cross? (Full article 20 Nov 2008)

Alex McCullie

News: Homosexuality Opposite of Holiness

Some Christian groups continue to pump out messages of hate.

A recent Times OnLine article describes the organisation Exodus International that ‘exorcises’ homosexuals by driving out their unholy same-sex attractions with faith in God. From the article:

“The opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality,” says Chambers, sagely. “It’s holiness.” Speech over, he asks people to come forward to be prayed for. A boy of no more than 16 steps up, hanging his head. When he returns from the stage to the sound of applause, his stony-faced father nods in approval. His mother weeps.

Welcome to ex-gay boot camp.

Alex McCullie